Sound and Video Systems Guide

December 9th, 2009

What do you really need?

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“If you don’t know where you are going,
you will probably end up there”
There are hundreds of speaker, amplifier, projector, display panel
manufacturers and thousands of product types. Which are right for
your application? Finding the proper technology starts with a solid
assessment. Having a list of goals or specific requirements that
you can convey to each potential vendor will have a positive impact
on the acquisition of any system. Ask your team (or yourself) the
following eight questions and provide these answers to the vendors
you consider:
1)    What specific areas do we need to cover with Sound and/or
Video technologies? Note the dimensions and scope of the
2)    What are the primary goals of implementing a system in our
3)    What complaints have we received in the past when utilizing
sound or video?
4)    What aesthetic concerns are there?
5)    What source media (Voice, Music, Live Performance, Computer,
Video, Cameras, etc.) do we need to present?
6)    What budget constraints do we have?
7)    What existing systems/components do you have? Detail your
experience with them.
8)    What is the anticipated deadline for completion of the new
Note: Providing a written list of criteria will often strengthen your
ability to negotiate with vendors. It projects the image that you
know what you want and have thought through the process. This
also gives all potential vendors some equal footing so they may
better provide a proposal to which you can do a true “Apples to
Apples” comparison.

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